Friday, February 1, 2013

We have used many traditional dry flies for Mahseer during the years; like Wulff patterns in different color combinations and also Stimulators and Terrestrials. The Stimulator flies have been out-fishing most flies but tied on a normal dry fly hook they are not strong enough for a big Mahseer, so we now use Mustad low water salmon hooks for our Mahseer dries and extra strong Kamasan hooks for our Mahseer nymphs. Problem with these hooks are that they are quite heavy and the fly sinks after a while. The new Sherpa Stimulator flies with tighter wrapped body hackle (we use high quality Metz and Keough hackle for our Mahseer dries) and extra Deer hair in the wing and tail have solved this problem and they are very good for the Mahseer and can support a trailing nymph. Here comes a couple of our new Sherpa Stimulator dry flies specially designed for Mahseer dry fly fishing and you can see all the other special Mahseer flies we are now making on the following page:

Black Death Mahseer Stimulator by Jonas Nyqvist Sherpa Flies

Yellow Mahseer Stimulator by Jonas Nyqvist Sherpa Flies

Sherpa Mahseer Stimulator by Jonas Nyqvist

Olive Mahseer Stimulator tied on Mustad Low water Salmon Hook