Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Welcome to the Mahseer fly fishing blog

Mahseer Fly fishing is one of the fishing traditions inherited from the British who ruled India and Burma; and in the recent times, has experienced a facelift complements to modern fly fishing tackle, improved fishing techniques and new developed fly patterns. During the last 5 seasons we have guided hundreds of anglers to some of the best Mahseer fly fishing available in the world, on the Thai - Burma (Myanmar) border and in the Cheow Lan area in Southern Thailand. Is casting big dry flies or nymphs to hungry wild native fish in gin-clear mountain streams your call? than you will love Mahseer fly fishing.
Greetings from the Thai jungle!
Fly fishing for Thai Mahseer (Tor Tambroides) and Stracheyi Mahseer (Neolissochilus stracheyi) in some of the most remarkable settings on earth. Jutting thousands of feet straight up from the aquamarine bays below, ancient limestone cliffs cast long shadows across the second oldest jungle on the planet bringing visions of Jurassic Park to mind. As you venture across open water by longboat, eventually settling in to your individual floating bungalow, you will enjoy a refreshing drink before travelling to river systems that offer spectacular angling for Mahseer growing to 20 kilograms. The peak fly fishing season for Thai Mahseer and Stracheyi Mahseer is between mid October and May, but we can fish here all year-around as there are many smaller streams with clear water that fish well even during heavy rains. We are very happy to be able to offer our clients a new luxurious floating resort for this season for the Cheow Lan trips. The brand new resort sets a new standard for Thai floating resorts with nicely decorated air-conditioned superior bungalows and gourmet Thai and western cuisine. You can now stay in style during the trip. We still use the old ranger station as base for the Cheow lan trips, but for those of you who want a high class accommodation during the trip send an e-mail to

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