Monday, February 9, 2015

End of the Year Mahseer

                              End of the Year Mahseer

My German Lawyer friend fished with me in Cheow Lan during the last days of 2014, last year he came during the same period and caught a very nice Stracheyi Mahseer on a dry fly. This year he hooked an even bigger fish the first day, but luck was not on his side, the fished cut the leader under some roots during the first fast run.

Second day we fished a smaller stream and he caught the fish below on a red egg pattern, a pattern from Alaska tied on a strong hook. Not as big as the fish he lost the first day but still a beautiful Mahseer


The Elephant population in the area seems to getting bigger every year, you don't see a bathing Elephants everyday but this was a really happy Elephant and not afraid at all for us when we came in the boat on our way to one of the streams. 


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